Hymn History

“I Don't Know About Tomorrow” by Diana Leagh Matthews

November 1, 2020

Ira Stanphill was an accomplished musician and minister. Ira served with 9 different organizations in the capacities of youth director, music director and pastor. He preached across America, and in...

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Behind I Need Thee Every Hour

September 1, 2020

   The Pandemic Continues,  I was recently reading an article on a survey of the effect this pandemic has had on a lot of our population here in the US. The prevalence of...

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"The Gospel Train"

August 1, 2020

One night trying to think of a hymn or song for the newsletter, while reading about the song keep your eyes on the sparrow,  I feel asleep. I had a dream about an old small town railroad...

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"Farther Along"

July 1, 2020

     "Farther Along" is an American Southern gospel song of disputed authorship. The song deals with a Christian's dismay at the apparent prosperity of the wicked, when contrasted...

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