Our History


You will notice that much of the initial historical information is attributed to Jesse Sinclair. Mr. Sinclair was named one of the first two elders of the Holland Church at the time of its organization. In March of 1896 (at the time of the founding of Holland Church) he wrote down a personal record from the founding as well as information surrounding the events that led up to the foundation of the church.


From 1664 to 1793, Holland was held undivided. Between 1793 and 1800, nearly all the settlers came from Pennsylvania.


About 1830, Mrs. Abigail Roberts, of Christian persuasion commenced occasional preaching in Holland. This created a religious awakening. Between 1830 and 1840 services in Holland were conducted by Methodist ministers and held in the Holland Schoolhouse.


The first Presbyterian preaching in Holland was done by Rev. Garner A. Hunt. He usually preached in private homes and sometimes in schoolhouses. Rev. Hunt continued preaching monthly from ca.1833 until his death in 1849.


Between 1840 and 1847, several attempts to start a Sunday School were made but without much success.


In 1841, Rev. Jonathan H. Sherwood devoted considerable time with a view to organizing a Presbyterian Church in Holland.  On June 3, 1848, the following paper was drawn up and signed:


‘We, the subscribers, will pay the sum annexed to our names for the purpose of creating a Presbyterian Church in Holland on a lot to be given by Mr. Tomson for a church and burial ground adjourning said lot for the benefit of that branch of the Presbyterian Church in the United States whose General Assembly meets annually’


Construction commenced on the house of worship that same year. The building was completed and dedicated in the fall or early winter of 1849.


We now have in it history the rather strange anomaly of a house of worship built and dedicated, and no church organized to occupy it and not more than half a dozen Presbyterians to constitute a church of God.


On November 14, 1850, 14 members withdrew from Milford Presbyterian Church and were, on that same day, were constituted the First Presbyterian Church of Holland. Rev. Jonathan H. Sherwood, installed as the first pastor, served until his death in 1854"                                                                                                                                          Jesse Sinclair memoirs


The present Holland Presbyterian Sunday School was organized on May 31, 1874. Rev. I. M.  Patterson, minister of the Milford Presbyterian Church, conducted services. David Bloom was superintendent and Peter Rapp was his assistant. At the time of organization. there were 55 members and six teachers.


- Sunday School History