Hymn History

The Story Behind Blessed Assurance

September 1, 2021

Each and every day we sing praises to His name. We are thankful for all of the blessings that He bestows upon us. The lyrics of the classic hymn 'Blessed Assurance' is the perfect way to worship....

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“The Anchor Holds” originofsongs.blogspot

August 1, 2021

Lawrence Mendel Chewning Jr. is a Christian recording artist, songwriter, and speaker. He was born in 1949 and grew up in rural South Carolina. He was the son of a cotton farmer, ginner and...

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Church In The Wildwood Little Brown Church in the Vale website

July 1, 2021


When we first came to this Church in the early 1970's, having to sit near the front rows with me and Arlene in one row and our three young boys in the row in front of us,occasionally having...

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“One Day at a Time” By Marijohn Wilkin

June 6, 2021

Many of the songs that are meaningful to Christians were born out of human adversity. Many times it is difficult to see the path ahead. All we can do is take things one day at a time. That would be...

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“What a Day That Will Be”

May 2, 2021

Jim Hill wrote “What a Day That Will Be” in 1955. The Golden Keys Quartet first presented it in public. Though it became one of their most requested songs to perform, it did not cause...

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