The Congregational Meeting

Posted on February 4, 2024.

The Congregational Meeting was held  on Jan. 28th at 10:30 after morning worship with 20 members and 6 guest (non-members) present.   Began with prayer by pastor Geoff and the reading of last years minutes followed by pastors report. Significant projects completed this year were a new gas furnace to replace our antiquated oil boiler, tree work around the back of the church, parking lot upgrades, septic system repairs, steeple repairs and painting and electrical upgrades. We also donated $5488 in benevolence giving. Short falls in the budget were met by earnings from our investments (Wells Fargo Investments) from donations given by very generous past members of this church.                                                                                                                                                                             The new $6400 benevolence budget was proposed which includes the following:                                            $300    Holland Township Fire Company                          $300 Milford-Holland Rescue Squad                            $2000 Front Step                                                                    $600 Gideon International                                                $300   Missionary Flight International                               $600 Samaritans Purse                                                           $500   Allentown Rescue Mission                                        $100 Our Daily Bread                                                     $300   The Worm Project                                                       $300 to Vitamin Angels                                               $500   Pioneers, Tim VanSumeren                                      $500 Samaritans Purse Christmas Boxes       $100   Love Packages                                                               Loose change Sunday to Bright Hope                                    Election of two elders; Virginia Derbyshire and Byron Weightman. Four elders still serving are Mike Hooper, Bob Wedderman, Dennis Heil and Stan Czeck.                                                                                                           Election of three deacons; Tanya Trippeda, Peg Wieghtman, and Linda Czeck. Sally Heil remains and Arlene Wedderman and Ray Taylor serve as advisers to the new deacons.                                                                        Tanya Trippeda was also appointed new treasurer to replace Harry Taylor by the elders at there last meeting.  Please thank Harry for doing a fantastic job Especially our investments..                                                                    Stan Czeck and Mike Hooper were elected to the audit committee and Peg Weightman and Jamie Travers were elected to the nominating committee                                                                                                                                  The meeting was closed with a prayer by Pastor Geoff and everyone went on to the prayer room for Brunch and birthday celebration of Issac's 21st birthday.  Before the brunch started pastor Geoff was presented with a belated Christmas gift certificate of $365 for Advanced Auto from the congregation. Geoff will put it to good use with the many classic car projects he has.