A Word From A Friend

Posted on August 1, 2021.

                                                                                Thank you for sharing the good word with me. I got goose bumps when I read about the baby embracing the stranger and how soul to soul they made a connection and brought men to tears. How sweet is the love of a child, how precious is love. That’s what we seek in addition to understanding and the importance of knowledge— yet how viable is LOVE how threatened it is in the face of our fracturing society. I don’t see people as colors except for their light, some shine brighter some not so bright. How our own eyes are veiled that we forget to see each other as GOD’s beings of light. From our hearts we should send out love to each other the positive vibration of love and light that our lord has given us. That is our true color, our skin is just a covering our color is our heart, our true essence. While a Lot of people turn their heads from GOD the further they are from his truth and wisdom. If we seek him he will be there, he sees our hearts our troubles and our intentions. He knows us. I walk in faith knowing believing the LORD and their angels walk with me, protecting me and guiding my every step. The world needs GOD even more now than ever and I appreciate your kindness in sharing your churches announcements and stories, we need more of this more than ever.      Bless you my friend, and your family.          My best,   Patty