As we carefully turn the calendar page to December

Posted on December 31, 2021.

As we carefully turn the calendar page to December, we suddenly realize how many projects and plans lie before us, and how little time is left. Christmas is coming, fast. All around us we get reminders that we should hurry to get those romantic gifts for that someone special, of how shabby our house will look unless we get that new rug, how quickly the supply of delicious foods/ flattering clothing/ exotic cars is running out, … our hairdo, our teeth, whatever the mountains of wants and must do’s … all clamoring for your immediate attention and it’s only ___ number of days until Christmas.
Somehow, as we get a little older, and accumulate a lot of stuff, it begins to gnaw on us that this is not what Christmas is all about. This is not a sane way to spend the month of December.
As Christians, we’re reminded that we are in this world, as frantic as it is, but we’re not to be of this world. The Christian Christmas is the celebration of the arrival of an Infant whose presence gave us an alternative to this frantic, materialistic world. Whose life promises us peace. Whose example shows us in what, or actually, in Whom, we should place our trust.
It’s the old story of separating needs from wants. We are, most of us, thoroughly provided with all that we need. And for those who are not even able to get what they need, there is a multitude of ways in which to help fulfill those needs within any community or area. For both of those facts, we should be forever grateful. As for wants, some – a cute toy, a convenience appliance, a tool – working for wages will make it possible to fulfill that want. Work is the motivator for better living for the individual while providing a service that benefits us all. This is what provides a functioning society.
Unfortunately, there is a point at which wants exceed reason. We suspect we are about to, or have reached, that point. As we are bombarded with sometimes clever, sometimes annoying, ads telling us what we need, what we deserve, what brings that ultimate satisfaction, it eventually becomes apparent th at we don’t even want what they’re selling.
And so we circle back to what is needful and what brings true satisfaction to our lives. This December, as each of us approaches this season of joy, we encourage you to remember the source of joy that gives meaning to this Advent season; to remember to see and take advantage of the opportunities for giving this joy to others; and to share with others from the abundance of peace that dwells within our hearts with His presence. Remember, and have a blessed Christmas. Virginia                              

Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace,
good will toward men.
Luke 2:14