God’s Ever-Amazing and Imaginative Creation.

Posted on June 1, 2021.

Oh my, what was a new year has now become almost half over. This year, this June, we have the unique experience and privilege of being spectators to the 17-year cicada emergence. This writer finds this to be a fascinating event and an awesome feature of God’s ever-amazing and imaginative Creation.
June is the part of the year that everyone looks forward to – flowers are blooming, the weather is warm, we can do things outdoors, and eat all the good stuff that comes ripe at this time of the year.
Of course, there is the lawn to mow, and weeds taking over, pesky bugs and, occasionally, the need for the AC. So much of the business of living seems to give us things we look forward to and savor, combined with things we find unpleasant and reason for complaints. One more proof that we shall not find perfection this side of Heaven.
Since we have observed that even the month of June doesn’t hold perfection, perhaps it is well to reflect on our approach toward our days, no matter the times or conditions. Almost everyone can recall those who can find something wrong with the most beautiful weather and surroundings – “That tree drops all those flower petals on my nice lawn”, “It’s too windy”, “The neighbors park their dirty car right where you can see it all the time”, and so on. And then there are those who look on the bright side of things, even when beset with things that gnaw on their everyday existence – “Too bad about the timing of our picnic, but we really needed the rain”, “This warm sun feels so good on my arthritis”, “I remember when…”. Each of these extremes kind of awaken the listener to the surroundings as experienced by the conversationalist. And each of these observations can, in a subtle way, influence the listener’s outlook on the moment, and, sometimes, set the mood for the day.
What a blessing to be able to see what is good in our days. What a curse to let that good be hidden, spoiling our days. In truth, each of us is surrounded by both annoyances and by blessings. So much is good; so many blessings from the Lord, every day. The important part is that we are aware of the good that is always around us. And, not just aware of, but sensitive to, and ready to acknowledge, the Source, with a thankful heart. A thankful heart directs our focus, helping us see that which is good, and steers our days toward contentment and peace.
May your June bring many blessings, even when they come in showers. Virgnia                                                                                                 “But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.                                                  1 Samuel 12:23b-24