“A Time for Worship and Prayer”

Posted on May 1, 2020.

The month of May has a different feel this year.  With most of us being confined to quarters, we have a new outlook.  Many of us don’t hit the road with great frequency, even in the best of times; others of us do so, but only because we have to.  Yet, almost everyone notices a vague trapped feeling – a sense of lost freedom – in that we are being ordered to stay at home except in situations of dire need. In the future, there will be many opinions written and spoken as to whether this was the correct response – all based on 20/20 hindsight – and all of them kind of pointless, since whatever was done will have been done in a state of too many unknowns.  Since much of our citizenry has dissolved into endless political bickering, blame will be assigned in every direction – again, kind of pointless.                                                  However, since we are restrained from venturing out, it seems to be a good opportunity to reflect on the changing scene around us.  Spring couldn’t be a better time to meditate on the miracle we see of the God-made natural world surrounding us.  Without any help from humankind, new life is stirring.  Violets, azaleas, apple trees and a wide variety of blossoms lend color to various corners of our yards.  All alone, the brown grass has somehow evolved into a bright green.  Day by day, we can see little leaves appearing where yesterday there were naked tree branches.  New songs reach our ears as some of our favorite birds return for a season.  The very air we breathe has changed from crisp, odorless cold to a milder, sweeter cloak around us.  Our only assignment:  take it all in, enjoy and praise the Creator.                This has also been a time for worship and for prayer.  Most of us can do nothing more than what seems wise in our own eyes to affect the outcome of this battle against an invisible, scary and potentially harmful virus.  Most of us realize that God is in charge; and, in time, we will come to know His will.  For now, we thank Pastor Geoff for continuing to offer chances for corporate worship every Sunday; and we are very grateful for all the members of our church family whose prayers and help are being offered each day.  We urge every one to continue in prayer, support and encourage-ment for one another.  And enjoy the many blessings of this beautiful month of May.                                                                      Virginia