April 2018

Posted on March 23, 2018.

April is on the doorstep. While we tempted ourselves, as we turned the calendar over into March, with thoughts of Spring, we ended up shivering and shoveling as Winter refused to let go. Now, in April, we’re going to resume our dreams of warm sun on greening grass, spring flowers and getting started on the garden. Seed catalogs are, by now, dog-eared and worn. The winter clean-up remains to be done, enhanced by March storms. But now it’s April. Time to store away cold weather clothes and get out the light stuff. We hope….


We enter April on a high note in our church life as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We hope you will plan to join us in our special Breakfast and Communion Celebration on that holy Sunday. As happens in all churches, the crowds of Easter tend to disappear on the following Sundays. We hope you will continue to worship with us, even after Easter.


The air of expectancy that follows us as we approach Easter and Spring is a facet of life in general. We get up each morning with a feeling of confidence that almost everything will go all right through the day. Subconsciously, we assume that we will be able to get to the store or eat our meals or just move from one room to the next, without a thought or even a prayer. So much we take for granted.


Yet, almost everyone has had the experience of the unexpected. Our routine interrupted, our plans completely abandoned. It’s why Emergency Rooms and washing machines exist. It’s also why we find it reassuring to know that God is nearby.


Remember how, as the events of Holy Week unfolded for the disciples, all their plans were turned upside down. It was the worst of times when they took for granted that Jesus would somehow rise above the power of the chief priest but, horribly, instead, they saw Him hanging from a cross. At that moment, they were devastated. They wondered what lay ahead. But Jesus was nearby. Suddenly, He was even right in their midst. Alive. Communicating and reassuring. So it is with us. Whether we’re stymied by March weather, hindered by a change in plans, or facing an emergency, Jesus is nearby. Alive. Hearing our prayers. Reassuring us that He will be with us, even in April showers. Stay near to Him.


Virginia, Clerk of Session

The highest motive of prayer is not having it answered. It is to join man’s will with God’s so that He may be able to work.”                   Watchman Nee



    Our true power source

    The story is told of someone who plugged a power strip into itself and then couldn’t understand why the system wouldn’t turn on! We get a kick out of such tales, yet how often do we try to “power” our own lives? We frequently think we need to be the source of our own strength, joy, peace, energy and wisdom.

    Jesus doesn’t teach us to find life within ourselves — or in any human being or earthly circumstance, object or philosophy. Rather, calling himself the good shepherd, Jesus says, “I have come that [my sheep] may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

    We don’t access that abundant life by “plugging into” ourselves. Instead, Jesus invites us to plug into his power — and joy, peace, hope, truth — through prayer and Scripture, worship and service, fellowship with other Christians and the beauty of God’s world.