From the "Love Packages March/April 2020” Newsletter

Posted on April 26, 2020.

    Every week our distributors take our literature and use it to bring the good news to a lost world.          Zimbabwe:
Last April we received a report of a leader of a cult who had received a Bible and some other books from one of our distributors.  This cult did not believe in Jesus.  Our distributor talked with him and showed him the truth concerning Jesus, from the Word of God.  This leader then gave his life to Christ and became born again.  He then asked for more literature to take for his wife and children.  Since that time his wife and children have become believers, and three weeks ago this leader asked our distributor to bring carloads of literature to distribute to all of the cult members - he has forty thousand followers.                  Malawi:  Revival in a village.
We have had a Church that wasn't growing for five years.  The attendance was below 15.  On the 28th of December 2019, we got two cartons of gospel literature of the Gospel of John/Romans which we distributed  in every house in a village.  The next Sunday the attendance of the Church moved from 15 to 40, and in the next month the Church has grown to 80 people.  We started studying the gospel together as a church and 30 people accepted the Lord and got water baptism.  We bless the name of the Lord and ask God to bless those who donated such wonderful books to us.