“The Living is Easy.”

Posted on July 16, 2019.

Wow!  After a few lingering showers – which attended much of our  spring, summer arrived with an attitude.  It appears that we face a hot and humid July, at least for the first weeks of the month.
    June gave us occasional promises of sunshine and the first of the harvests – strawberries, peas, lettuce, and lawns begging to be mowed.  We especially celebrated the arrival of the strawberry as we snacked on the sweets and tapped to the music at our Ice Cream Social.
    July, with its heat and humidity, generally inspires us to slow down our activities; and, for some, head to the shore or the mountains.  Holland Church will be open for the Lord’s business throughout the month, though; and we encourage you to be in your pew on Sunday mornings.
    We live in a world that can overwhelm us with cares and issues.  For some, it is on a personal level; for many, it is simply that we are bombarded with the goings on in the world around us.  Much of the time, we are not affected as individuals – thankfully; - but there is a level of stress induced when we turn on the news and view what should not be.  However, except for politics, which knows no vacation, many of the activities of humanity slow down during the hot days of summer.  School is out, families vacation, festivals offer fun and carefree hours and, as the song says, “the living is easy.”
    As Christians, we are confronted with a dichotomy – we have received the Great Commission – there’s the Lord’s work to do all the time; yet, on the other hand, multiple times the Scriptures encourage us to rest from our labors.  Perhaps, in our 21st century American culture, God is telling us that July and August should allow us to ease up on the stresses, but encourage us to continue in the joy of spreading the Word.
    We hope July, and your summer, will be safe and a blessing.                                              Virginia                              Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.                                                                                                                                     Psalm 116:7